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In 1948, the first Porsche was built.
In 1952, the first Porsche Club was established.
In 2003, Porsche Club Kuwait was founded.

The first ever Porsche Club was founded by seven enthusiastic friends of Porsche back in 1952. By 2015 the community of Porsche Clubs had grown into a “Porsche Club Family”, to make the Porsche Clubs the largest automobile brand club in the world. Today, there are more than 660 Clubs in over 83 countries worldwide with roughly 195,000 members and the numbers keep growing.

The Porsche Club organisation is now one of the best established of its kind in the world. Porsche Clubs are independent and guided by Porsche owners. Therefore, each Club has its own particular and highly individual programme and range of services. Yet all the Porsche Clubs on every continent have one thing in common: their strong bond to the Porsche brand.

All of the Clubs celebrate the values and the legend of the Porsche brand. They offer the opportunity to experience together the real, living fascination with the marque.