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Welcome to the Family!

Porsche Club Kuwait was established on 18th November 2003. It is Club number 212 worldwide. Our aim is to share the passion of Porsche with fellow colleagues and enthusiasts in Kuwait, and enjoy the many things that come with this amazing marque. 

Our members enjoy a great experience at our various events throughout the calendar year, by building close friendships with other Porsche owners in Kuwait and the Middle East. All Porsche owners in Kuwait have the opportunity to be a member and participate at our events that promote traffic laws and safe driving. Our events also focus on enjoying driving, sport, technical and social aspects of being a Porsche owner. The club also organizes many competitive motorsport competitions to experience the core values of Porsche on the race track.

We invite you to be a part of the International Porsche Family and experience the exclusive Porsche lifestyle.

Register and join our exciting events through the year, meet new and old Porsche friends and learn more about this great brand that we all love.

See you at our next event. 


Eng. Zakaria Dashti

Porsche Club Kuwait