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  February 21, 2008 Auto Cross
    Porsche Club of Kuwait had its first Autocross event which is considered the favourite events for sport cars enthusiast and specially Porsche Owners. The event took place on Saturday, 21/2/2009 in the parking of the Ice Skating Arena in Kuwait city, when it started at 11am to 6pm. The event started by registration all the participating members wishing to race together and then a short lecture was given explaining the course corners and how to tackle them, as well as how dose the scoring and penalties point work. After that, all the members started the Race where each ride in the track in his car, trying to finish the course in least time possible, without any knocking of the traffic cones that if he did will be add extra time to his lap time. Each members where given 6 laps and them taken the average of his time of those laps, and a final time is given to him. The lap times for all participants ranged from 36.87 to 52.23 seconds which was very good for a fist Autocross event. Then, first three winners of both categories where awarded their certificates of winning of the first Autocross event. There was also a good number of female members that participated at the event and git some impressive lap times. Porsche Club Kuwait promised his members to have more Autocross events through the year, since it was the most popular and demanded by the members, especially that such events would raise the driving skills. In the end, Porsche Club of Kuwait and its members would like to thank the sponsors of the event The Tourism Projects Company that allowed us to use their parking for our event, and also McDonalds - Kuwait, whom did everything to make this event a success. Furthermore, we would also like to thank the Policemen who where there during the event and provided us with additional barriers of the circuit to ensure the safe use of All thanks to them.
  April 10, 2008 Concourse
    The Porsche Club Kuwait has presented the first event "Porsche Concourse" in Kuwait on Friday, 10 April 2009 in the parking of Safir Hotel, overlooking the Arabian Gulf Street forming a magnificent line up of unique Porsche cars lineup. The event started at the afternoon were new and classic Porsche cars started arriving and checking in and registering for the event, they all joined together with each other to form a beautiful Porsche car historical line up for every one passing on the Arabian Gulf Road to see all those Porsche. Concourse event in one of the most important event for car lovers worldwide, because it awards those who take great care of their cars and cherish them in the best way. The winning car should be in its original shape and options with no added or modified, and extra points will be given to cars with their original papers and catalogues, and we in Kuwait appreciate Concourse which encourage the owners to take good care of their cars, and that will benefit them and the value of their cars. The Committee members welcomed all the Porsche owners with welcome kits that contained some Porsche selective item and collaterals, and registered their cars and provided them with a number for each car. The fact that the site had a great location many car enthusiasts enjoyed the show and voted for their favorite car, and that Category was won by Mr. / Mohamed Al-Awad owner of a Porsche 997 Turbo. The event official awards were decided after the inspection of the car by Porsche official judges to check each participating car and give them points according to international laws of Concourse events worldwide. The cars were check from the exterior conations, interior, engine and trunk. Every one enjoyed the event that was well organized and run, with the support of the main Sponsor of the club Behbehani motors company by providing well experienced Porsche judges, as well as the event Sponsors, Safir Hotel for hosting us for the second time, and for Michelin for providing us with its support and Michelin man that added a fun and exciting atmosphere specially to the youngsters, in addition to that the event had Huper Optic as sponsor of the event and they provided the owners with a special sun protection solutions. Also to the role of the Ministry of Interior was very important as they provided some patrols and police men to provide safety and organization at the event.
  October 25, 2018 Website Photo Shoot
    The first meeting of the Porsche Club members at the Kuwait Towers Porsche Club of Kuwait organized the first event last week at the Kuwait Towers and the presence of management and members of the club and the owners of Porsche sports cars. Through the continued effective management of the club with all members were to explain the activities of the club and its objectives for the current season and the opportunity for non-members of the owners of vehicles to join the Porsche Club Kuwait. After discussing the goals of the club in the new season has been taking pictures of the mass of different Porsche cars at one of the most prominent features of Kuwait, Kuwait Towers, to be used on the website that is being built for the Porsche Club. For his part, Mr. Zakaria Dashti President of Porsche Club of Kuwait said that we are happy to have this large attendance witnessed by the first meeting of the season, as announced by Mr. Tariq-Shafie, Events Manager of Porsche Club of Kuwait that this meeting is the start of a season full of activities and events, including social activities, technical sessions and the various sporting events. Many events has been developed to include all categories of Porsche cars in order to provide an opportunity for all members of the men and women and different age groups to attend the events and enjoy them.  Ms. Nada Marafi also encouraged the owners of Porsche cars in Kuwait from all categories in Kuwait to join the Porsche Club activities for the next involvement and getting to know all what is new on the club, especially the women since she is there to guide and help them on a personal level. 
  January 10, 2009 Safir
    Porsche Club members supported the Kuwait national side participating in the Gulf Cup XIX championships in Muscat - Oman, in their own way, by installing “ House of Poetry\" the symbol of Arab hospitality and inviting all the club members to come and watch the game and support their team , the thing that provided an excellent and mixture or traditional Arabic heritage and Porsche heritage, which created and excellent scene for every one passing through the Arabian gulf Road. Club members gathered with representatives from the Porsche Center of Kuwait - Behbehani Motors Company in the parking or Safir International Hotel overlooking the Arabian Gulf road to meet with members of the club and the owners of Porsche cars wishing to register in the club. The registration of new members and updating of existing members data took place while members have been informed of the next event dates, and all the latest news about the club and Porsche world. The crowds enjoyed the scenery of the Porsche cars line up and then tuned to the Screen to watch the game and support our national team that player with the Iraqi National team and the result was 1 to 1 and our Kuwaiti National Football Team qualified to go to the semi-finals of the Gulf Cup XIX championship.
  March 25, 2009 Smart Repair
    Porsche Club Kuwait had a Smart Repair vent at the detailing center of Behbehani Motors Company – Shuwaikh on Wedesday the 25th March, 2009. The event started at noon and ended at 4:00 pm. To prepare for the next event which is the Porsche Concourse, the Club had an Event at the detailing center at Behbehani motors Company in Shuwaikh - Smart Riper, were Mr. Thomas, the Director of the Center explained in great details about all kind of amazing services that the center provides its customers with, from interior spot removing and cleaning to exterior polishing and stone guard, and also the wheels fixing methods. Smart Repair had provided the Club members with special prices after this event.
  September 3, 2009 Press Conference - Ferdinand Porsche Birthday
  November 19, 2009 Universal Childrens Day
    Porsche Club Kuwait members celebrated the Universal Children´s Day at the Discovery Center for Child Development where they enjoyed the "Children´s Road Safety” event with the British School of Kuwait, McDonalds and Nestle and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, where they provided children with a short lecture about Basic Road Safety knowledge, meaning of Road signs, and meaning of the road lines.
  May 15, 2010 Photography Contest & Gallery @ 360 Mall
    We would like to invite you to attend and participate in Porsche Club Kuwait - Photography Contest & Gallery, which will be held in the 360 Mall on the sixth ring road. The Event begins by gather on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 in the main entrance of the 360 Mall to give the photographers a chance to shoot our Porsche cars, to participate in Porsche Club Kuwait - Photography Contest & Gallery.  Porsche Club Kuwait - Photography Contest & Gallery gives the opportunity to ALL the Photographers in Kuwait to share the best picture they can take of Porsches in Kuwait. All of these pictures will be on display inside the 360 Mall in the Porsche Club Kuwait Gallery that will be held from 22 to the May 26, 2010, and on the 27th May 2010 a Panel of Judges will choose the Winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd , and also the Visitors of the 360 Mall will Vote on their favorite Picture to give us the “ People’s Choice Winner”. Porsche Club Kuwait Members will also pick their Winning Picture. Photos will be submitted at the Porsche Centre Kuwait - Behbehani Motors Company – AlRai Showroom on the 4th Ring Road. Every photographer participating in the Contest should submit only one photo on a CD and in Printed format size 50 X 70 cm, printed on a foam board 5 mm thick, please do not forget to write your full name, mobile number, e-mail behind the picture to participate. The picture should not include or contains any persons or trademarks and brands, but only Porsche Car, a simple modification / touch-up of the image is allowed, but not radically altered with Photoshop. Porsche Club of Kuwait will also display some of the most exotic Porsche cars from different ears inside the gallery.
  June 1, 2010 UK - Porsche Driving Experience - Silverstone
  July 1, 2010 Germany - Stuttgart Porsche Museum & Leipzig Factory-Track'
  June 20, 2013 Kuwait Car Museum Auto Photo Contents
    PCK will present prizes (Porsche Selection Items) for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winners photos to be selected by PCK Committee
  July 14, 2013 Meeting the Porsche Club Great Britain
    Porsche Club Kuwait visits Porsche Club Great Britain section at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013, and exchange greetings and goodwell. The two clubs discussed having joint events in the future
  July 14, 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed
  Porsche Club Kuwait Visited Goodwood festival of Speed which was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of 911 by having a monument of the three iconic generations of Porsche shooting 20 feet into the sky! The event had so many activates and Porsche was a main part of most of them. It was a great opportunity to experience the rich history of Porsche.
  July 17, 2013 Visit to the Porsche Experience Centre
    Porsche Club Kuwait visited the Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone UK, and took a tour of the facility and all that it can offer, as well as learning about the Driving Courses that they offer at the centre. The club will be having special events at the Porsche Experience centre for the members interested, more information will be announced soon.
  October 10, 2013 Kuwait Car Museum Circuit Opening Parade
  Members will be driving their Porsches to raise awareness of Road Safety by supporting the United Nation Campaign ‘Make Road Safe’ and FIA Road Safety Campaign ‘Action for Road Safety’
  November 16, 2013 Porsche Club Kuwait 10th Anniversary
    Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our family, our Club.
  November 18, 2013 10th Anniversary of Porsche Club Kuwait
  Biggest Porsche Gathering in Kuwait - Gathering, Drive, Raffle & Gifts
  November 20, 2013 Porsche Children Driving School
    Police lecture & Police Car display Porsche Pedal Cars & License.
  November 21, 2013 Track Day – Porsche Driving School
  Approved Track Day by Porsche Driving School
  December 11, 2013 50th Anniversary of Carrera
    Carrera’s Only Gathering at Museum + Display of selected 10 -12 Iconic Carrera’s inside the Museum On Alexander Porsche Birthday
  December 12, 2013 Track Day at Bahrain International Circuit
    A track day with your Porsche, exactly where it belongs!
  January 1, 2014 Cayenne Camp
    Kids fun & BBQ, rent a tent in WAFRA
  February 7, 2014 Porsche Club Kuwait Concours d’Elegance
    Choose the most elegant Porsche
  February 14, 2014 Porsche Sport Driving School
  Warm-Up & Precision Course
  February 25, 2014 National Day Porsche Parade
    Porsche car with police
  March 8, 2014 Lady Porsche – woman ONLY Spa, Fashion Show, Saloon
  International Woman’s Day
  April 1, 2014 Porsche GT3Cup
    Attending the Porsche GT3 Cup, with special rates for the club members
  May 1, 2014 Porsche Photo Contest
  Porsche Photography Category of the Museum Photography Contest.
  June 5, 2014 World Environmental Day
    Members do Environmental friendly activities like Cleans the beaches.
  June 14, 2014 Blood Donation Day
  Club Members will be participating in the International Blood Donation day.
  July 1, 2014 Qabga & Gergean
    Ramadan at Museum.
  August 1, 2014 Porsche Museum & Factory Visit
  Stuttgart & Leipzig  Germany', 'Visiting the birthplace of Porsche at the Factory and walking through history at the Museum
  August 1, 2014 Porsche Experience Centre
    A Full Day at the best Experience Centre to learn how you can control your car
  September 20, 2014 New Season Launch
  Launch the new events calendar for 2014/2015
  October 15, 2014 Tech Session
    Know more about your passion.
  November 18, 2014 11th Anniversary of Porsche Club Kuwait
  Porsche Gathering, dinner, awards raffle & gifts.
  November 20, 2014 Porsche Kids Driving School
    Police lecture & Police Car display -­ Porsche Pedal Cars & License.
  November 28, 2014 BIC Track Day
  Exclusive Track Day for Members Only.
  December 13, 2014 Porsche Autocross Challenge
    On Alexander Porsche Birthday we celebrate by having a of Porsche Autocross Challenge.
  January 17, 2015 Cayenne Camp
    Kids fun & BBQ, rent a camp in WAFRA
  February 13, 2015 Porsche Club Kuwait Concours d’Elegance
    Choose the most elegant Porsche
  February 25, 2015 National Day Porsche Parade
  Porsche car with police
  March 8, 2015 Lady Porsche – Woman ONLY
    International Woman’s Day
  July 2, 2015 Porsche Photo Contest
  Porsche Photography Contest – 16 opening, 21 Winners, leave until 23.
  June 29, 2015 Ramadan Gagba
    Porsche Centre Kuwait - Behbehani Motors Company Showroom, Al Rai 4th Ring Road
  October 11, 2015 SIRBB Gathering
  April 25, 2016 Pirelli Tyers Centre - Summer Check
  January 21, 2018 Cayenne Launch
  January 23, 2018 PCK BMRC Special Edition
  January 24, 2018 ooredoo Porsche Club Kuwait VIP Package
  January 27, 2018 Porsche Club Kuwait Time Attack - R3
  February 1, 2018 Gulf Run Carshow
  February 17, 2018 Porsche Club Kuwait Concours D'elegance 2018
  May 10, 2018 Photography Contest 2018
    Porsche Club Kuwait held its Photography Contest 2018